Wearable Personal Assistant

                                            who thinks like you do

Video of Roman Ormandy’s talk at Sandia Labs

Using proprietary neural technology, Embody personal assistant correlates your ongoing speech, vision and motor activities as well as your web activities with your prior actions and actions of other people.  He detects emerging patterns in your behavior on the fly and, unlike Google knowledge graph, forms new categories of meaning based on your unique personal history. Over time he becomes your trusted advisor, your alter ego.



              Our UI - Replaces Graphs                                   -  With Human Assistants

You do not have to learn your personal assistant’s UI. Instead he learns about you, simply by observing what you do and how you do it, what you say and to whom you say it, what you see, in which context and how you feel about yourself and your environment. Are you happy, or are you sad? Are you angry or stressed? Your assistant learns all of that in order to help you lead a better, more productive and stress free life.

Embody personal assistant is enabled by the new generation of distributed, wearable sensors and is fully dependent on them, the more sensors you wear, the better she understands you. Your assistant blends streams of sensor data in multiple modalities into seamless fabric which provides grounding for understanding of your actions in context of your current tasks. She then constructs the meaning of your actions, not by applying logic and algorithms, but by tightly coupling your behavior and intentions with your perceptions and your evolving goals. Most importantly, your assistant guards your data with her life and she never, ever discloses your information to a third party without your prior authorization.


Finaly, using blockchain technology, your assistant can forge trusted relationship with other people and businesses and act not only as your advisor but also as your trusted executive asistant and broker, offloading more and more of your daily chores as you grow more confident in his or her abilities over time. Whether it is discovering streaming media or web service, finding a reliable contractor a social cause you can identify with or helping you to market your work and skills, your assistant can help you to live a happier, fuller and more independent life.

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